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Lighter faster stronger, Empowerband provides high-performance ankle support for football. The revolutionary over-boot design increases support & protection while working as an elastic spring as you move increasing power strength to your ankl


New Dynamic Ankle Support & Protection For Football Rugby Soccer

  • Lighter And More Effective Empowerbands dynamic over-boot design improves your mobility rehabilitation & performance by eliminating the heavy, rigid bulk and discomfort of traditional tapes & braces that slow you down & slow your recovery 

  • Strengthen Your Ankle To Speed Your Recovery Back To Full Fitness Unlike traditional tapes and braces, Empowerbands' dynamic over-boot design works like an elastic spring as you move, building power, strength, and stability back to your ankle after injury, speeding your recovery back to full fitness and reducing the risk of re-injury

  • Increase Support & Protection To Prevent Injury Interlocking your boot and ankle Empowerbands increases support & protection to prevent injury

  • Boost Your Performance On The Pitch Be lighter faster stronger as you play by eliminating the heavy bulk and discomfort of traditional tapes & braces while adding power strength speed back to your ankle as you move

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Football Ankle Support
Empowerband Football Ankle Support


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"Empowerband provides the best ankle support for rehabilitation in football, the dynamic over-boot design improves ankle mobility and provides a more effective alternative to traditional tape and braces in recovering players back to full fitness."

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