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Sports Technology Awards 2020 - Empowerband Football Ankle Support

Opdateret: 23. feb. 2022

Football ankle support
Empowerband - Best Ankle Support For Football 2020

Voted best Football Ankle Support 2020 by top physios and professionals and finalist for Sports Technology Awards 2020. Empowerband provides ankle support specifically designed For Football and engineered to make you lighter faster and stronger as you play. Top 5 benefits:

  1. Increases support to prevent

  2. Increases protection against injury

  3. Speeds recovery after injury

  4. Boosts performance as you play

  5. Lighter & more comfortable to wear

"Empowerband provides the best ankle support for Football improving the rehabilitation process and is more effective than heavy tape and braces in helping transitioning players to full recovery"

1. Increased support helps prevent ankle rollover, reducing the risk of overstretching and tearing ligaments in your ankle. Empowerband works differently to other football ankle supports as it fits over your boot interlocking your boot and ankle which increases support but without hindering functional movement which makes it perfect for Football and the fast changes of direction and speed.

  • Strengthens your ankle improving stability, reducing the risk of re-injury

  • Improves proprioception (spacial awareness that is lost after injury)

  • Speeds reaction to instability helping to prevent injury

Increases Protection to your ankle to prevent injury

Thin modern-day football boots offer little protection to your ankle Empowerband is made of tough durable silicone rubber infused on a nylon support frame that absorbs any impact damage protecting you from soft tissue damage and bruising

  • High strength silicone rubber increase ankle protection surrounding the midfoot metatarsals, ligaments, and tendons

  • Extra padded ankle bone protectors help prevent bruising to the upper ankle

3. Speeds Recovery after injury strengthening your ankle and aiding your rehabilitation to full recovery

Made of silicone rubber Empowerbands unique over-boot design works like an elastic spring (Reflex Technology) as you move supporting and mimicking your ankles ligaments as you move.

  • Builds power strength and stability back to your ankle to prevent re-injury

  • Aids make a full recovery without relying on support

  • High compression figure of 8 reduces pain swelling stiffness during and after the game

More rehabilitation exercises here

4. Boosts Your Performance on the pitch increase power strength speed as you move

No player wants to be slow or held back by injury. Empowerband works like an elastic spring as you move Empowerband adds power strength speed back to your movement after an injury.

  • Be lighter faster stronger as you play

  • Reduces ankle fatigue so you can perform at your best

  • Improves control with 3D grip spots for enhanced shooting passing and accuracy

  • Eliminates heavy touch when wearing other support feel the ball better

5. Lighter & More Comfortable than traditional tape, braces, and supports.

Empowerbands over-boot fit eliminates the bulk and discomfort felt wearing traditional tape, support and braces providing a lighter and more comfortable support

  • Traditional supports, braces, and tape can make your ankle like a heavy brick on your foot slowing you down and effects your touch, feel and control of the ball

  • Eliminates bulk and distraction as you play so you can focus on the game

Hartlepool United Players training with Empowerband

Empowerband Provides Effective Treatment for

  • Mild ankle sprains/strains, ankle instability, weak ankles

  • Chronic pain, swelling and stiffness

  • Inversion/eversion sprains and damage to lateral/medial ligaments

7 types of ankle Injuries in football and how Empowerband can help.

To Be Used For

  • Rehabilitation returning to running and playing

  • Matches, training, warm-ups and cool-downs, gym and pool

  • Indoor/outdoor 3g and grass, 5 a-side (indoor trainers go one size up)

Empowerband can save physios & clubs time and money on taping while improving end-stage rehabilitation helping transition players from heavy taping and braces to full recovery.

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