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quake off northern Japan. In a separate development, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the operator of the Fukushima plant, said it will lay off workers as a fresh round of reconstruction begins at the crippled nuclear plant. Workers will be slashed from 3,000 to 1,300, mainly to free up time to dismantle the reactors, whose cores have melted and melted through, said Masataka Yanagi, a Tokyo-based spokesman for TEPCO. As well, four workers were hospitalized in late May after they complained of nausea, vomiting and dizziness after inhaling highly radioactive dust, a TEPCO official said. One of the plant’s three nuclear reactors has been shut down since the March 11 disaster, following the meltdown of its core. Tepco is struggling to avert a meltdown at the plant’s No. 1 reactor, which was crippled by the devastating quake and tsunami that struck the northeast in March. Tepco says it is preparing a plan to safely decommission the plant’s other two reactors. They both melted down and will need to be decommissioned as well. About Japan Real Time Japan Real Time is a newsy, concise guide to what works, what doesn’t and why in the one-time poster child for Asian development, as it struggles to keep pace with faster-growing neighbors while competing with Europe for Michelin-rated restaurants. Drawing on the expertise of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires, the site provides an inside track on business, politics and lifestyle in Japan as it comes to terms with being overtaken by China as the world’s second-biggest economy. You can contact the editors at japanrealtime@wsj.comQ: jQuery Functionality not available in IE I have the following code. It works in IE, FF, Chrome but not in Safari, or IE. I just want to get it working in IE as soon as I can, I don't have any other browsers available to test on. I am trying to get this to work with IE8. The function is called in the following manner. if (document.getElementById('emailMessage').value == '') { $('#inputSumbitButton').hide(); $('#messageDisplay').html('



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Ansys 14.5 Magnitude nikpai

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