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Empowerband tugby ankle support and protection

Recommended By Top Physios & Professional Players

Empowerband Provides Key Benefits Over Traditional Tapes & Braces


Lighter & More Effective Empowerbands Dynamic Over-boot design improves your mobility rehabilitation & performance by eliminating the heavy, rigid, bulk and discomfort of traditional tape & braces that slow you down and slow your recovery


​Strengthen Your Ankle To Speed Your Recovery Back To Full Fitness Unlike rigid tape & braces, Empowerbands' dynamic over-boot design works like an elastic spring as you move, building power, strength, and stability back your ankle after injury speeding your recovery back to full fitness & reducing the risk of re-injury


Increase Support & Protection To Prevent Injury Interlocking your boot and ankle Empowerbands over-boot design increases support & protection to help prevent injury


Boost Your Performance On The Pitch Be lighter faster stronger as you play by eliminating the heavy bulk and discomfort of traditional tapes & braces while Empowerbands elastic spring adds power strength speed back to your ankle as you move


Relieves Pain Swelling Stiffness Medical-grade compression relieves pain, swelling, and stiffness during and after the game


Textured Surface Increases grip and control 


Provides Effective Treatment For

  • Ankle sprains/strains, ankle instability, weak ankles
  • Chronic pain, swelling, and stiffness
  • Inversion/eversion sprains and damage to lateral/medial ligaments
  • Achilles injuries

Suitable for traditional football boots, TF shoes, (Trainers select one size up for correct fitting) 

Empowerband Rugby Ankle Support & Protection - Lighter Faster Stronger

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