Pro Football Ankle Support


Be lighter faster and more comfortable as you play

The  Lightest & Most Comfortable Ankle Support For Football

Say goodbye to traditional heavy, bulky taping braces and supports. Empowerbands over-boot design eliminates the  bulk and discomfort of traditional supports, braces, and taping so you can be lighter faster, and more comfortable as you play.

Improve Your Touch and Control

Traditional heavy bulky tape braces and supports can affect your touch and feel of the ball. Empowerband over-boot fit eliminates this problem while the 3D grip spots improve grip on the ball while power lace covers give an enhanced sweet spot as you strike the ball.

  • All-weather control improves your touch and control

  • Shoot with more power and pass with more accuracy

  • Add more bend on the ball for deadly free kicks

Over-boot fit eliminates bulk and discomfort

Get instant control and more swerve on the ball with 3d grip spots and power lace covers

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Patent Pending UK No. 1810158.4

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