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Neymar suffering an ankle injury 2020

The Best Football Ankle Support To Protect Your Ankle From Injury

Modern football boots are designed to be thin and lightweight and this provides very little protection to your foot and ankle and leaves you vulnerable to injury. One bad timed tackle can lead to a break, metatarsal damage, bruising, cuts, and or ligament damage, as well as a lengthy spell on the sidelines.


Empowerbands over-boot design interlocks your boot and ankle providing maximum support and protection to your ankle to prevent injury. Made from a tough & durable silicone rubber infused on a nylon support frame Empowerband can absorb impact damage around your ankle reducing the risk of bruising, metatarsal damage, and ligament damage


  • Increase support and protection to prevent injury

  • Speeds reaction to instability reducing the risk of injury

  • Absorbs impact damage preventing bruising & protecting soft tissue

The over-boot design provides maximum support & protection to prevent injury

Silicone rubber absorbs and cushions impacts to prevent bruising, breaks and ligament damage

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