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The Best Football Ankle Support To Speed Your Recovery After Injury

There are 7 types of ankle injury. The most common injury is a lateral ankle sprain. The ankle rolls and stretches/ tears the ligaments in the ankle. This weakens the ankle reducing stability while causes pain & swelling.  

Empowerband is specifically designed to protect, support, and strengthen your damaged ligaments while reducing pain and swelling. This helps aid the rehabilitation process, speeding your recovery to full fitness, and reduce the risk of re-injury. 


Empowerband is more effective than traditional tape and braces, as it supports your ankle but promotes movement through its revolutionary design. Made of silicone rubber the unique over-boot design works like an elastic spring as you move to support and mimick your ankles ligaments helping support and strengthen them improving your ankles function and stability.

       3 Benefits Of Using Empowerband


  • Promotes movement-building power strength and stability back to your ankle aiding faster recovery time

  • Building ankle function and strength back to your ankle reduces the risk of re-injury

  • The revolutionary interlocking over-boot design provides a medical-grade figure of 8 compression to your ankle that reduces pain swelling stiffness during and after the game

"Empowerband provides the best ankle support for the rehabilitation of ankle injuries in Football, more effective than heavy tape and braces in helping transitioning players to full recovery"  David Fevre

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