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Ankle Tape For Football; Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Tape Your Ankles

Opdateret: 21. jun. 2022

Taping has been an industry standard for years but it is not the best solution for end-stage rehabilitation and the return to playing Football. Here are 5 reasons why you should stop using tape and switch to Empowerband football ankle support

1. Injury Prevention

Problem - Tape loses 80% of its support efficiency after 20 minutes, players often are surprised at how quickly tape becomes ineffective, it then relies on proprioception qualities.

Solution - The Empowerband football ankle support however is specially designed for football and provides ankle support specially engineered to maintain 100% support efficiency, protecting players all game every game. Made of silicone rubber infused on a nylon support frame the unique two-way stretch combined with the elasticity of the silicone rubber creates strong and dynamic support.

2. Ankle Rehabilitation

Problem - Tape weakens the ankle over time. The tape is designed to limit the range of ankle motion the most, but then prevents the active use of the ankle ligaments and tendons which slows rehabilitation, weakening your ankle in time and leads to a dependency on support. Your neoprene and compression ankle sleeves provide proprioception qualities but won't limit the range of motion at all and leave players open to re-injury.

Solution - The Empowerband Football ankle support interlocking design provides controlled movement of the ankle joint a balance between locked support and compression supports to maximize stability and prevent injury while allowing movement to promote stimulus to ligaments and tendons to re-strengthen them as you move.

3. Performance

Problem - Tape restricts movement and lowers performance levels.

Solution - The biggest advantage the Empowerband Football ankle support has that tape doesn't is that no it can give is the elastic spring that it provides as you move, a clever combination of design and materials provide the right tensile strength to mimic your ankle ligaments and tendons as you move which are themselves like elastic bands. When you injure your ankle these ligaments can be overstretched or tear and when repaired the elasticity is lost and takes time to rebuild. Empowerband Football ankle support brings this elasticity, strength and power back to your ankle as you move to boost performance, and speed of movement, regaining stability, and confidence as you move. It also helps reduces ankle fatigue as you play which help reduce the risk of re-injury as studies have shown you become more susceptible to injury when fatigued

4. Cost

Problem - The tape can only be used once then discarded creating expense and waste, it needs to be fitted by a trained physio, it cant be re-adjusted quickly and takes time to apply.

Solution - The Empowerband Football ankle support is re-usable, durable and machine washable making it a more cost-effective solution to clubs and physios. It can be fitted by the player themselves without the need for a physio and adjusted quickly before and during a game. It gives a physio or medic the option to apply quickly and effectively during a game too if a player takes a knock.

5. Bulky & Uncomfortable To Wear

Problem - Wearing tape under your sock increases the diameter of your foot and ankle and once you have put your boot on it feels bulky and creates discomfort which distracts you from playing and slows you down especially in wet conditions (or by sweat) tape quickly becomes compromised and become even more uncomfortable. It also creates a disconnection between foot and boot which again can distract from playing.

Solution - Empowerband Football ankle support eliminates all that bulk and discomfort by fitting over your boot which creates a lighter fit and which won't slow you down as you play or distract you from the game. The interlocking design connects your boot and ankle together eliminating disconnection and discomfort.

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