Don't let injury slow you down
Lighter faster stronger Empowerband provides high-performance ankle support for Football engineered to speed your recovery after injury and boost your performance as you play.

How does Empowerband work? why does it fit over your boot?

Empowerbands revolutionary overboot design increases support & protection to your ankle while working as an elastic spring as you move building power strength stability back to your ankle speeding your recovery after injury & boosting your performance as you play.


More Effective Than Traditional Tape And Supports

Heavy bulky and uncomfortable to wear traditional tape & braces slow you down & distract you as you play while slowing your recovery to full fitness. 

Benefits of Empowerband

  • Speeds Your Recovery After Injury - builds power strength stability back to your ankle after injury aiding your rehabilitation back to full fitness


  • Boosts Your Performance As You Play - elastic spring increases power strength speed back to your movement after injury


  • Protect Your Ankle Against Injury - over-boot design increases support and protection while strengthening your ankle to help prevent re-injury


  • Lighter & More Comfortable - overboot fit eliminates the heavy bulky discomfort of traditional tape and strappings that slow you down and distract you as you play


  • Relieves Pain Swelling Stiffness - figure of 8 support provides medical grade compression to relieve pain,swelling, stiffness during and after the game


  • Enhanced Touch & Control - textured rubber surface enhances grip & control of the ball in all conditions


  • Re-usable & Quick To Fit - velcro heel strap allows you to adjust the support level to your needs


Provides Effective Treatment For

  • Mild ankle sprains/strains, ankle instability, weak ankles
  • Chronic pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Inversion/eversion sprains and damage to lateral/medial ligaments


To Be Used For

  • Rehabilitation returning to running and playing
  • Matches, training, warm-ups and cool-downs, gym and pool
  • Suitable for football boots, astro boots Indoor/outdoor 3g and grass,  (indoor trainers go one size up)




  • Reflex Technology made from silicone rubber Empowerband works like an elastic spring as you move increasing power strength stability back to your ankle, aiding rehabilitation and boosting performance after injury
  • ​Interlocking Figure Of 8 with integrated support frame increases support & protection while providing medical-grade compression to relieve pain swelling stiffness

  • Over-boot Design provides super lightweight & comfortable support , eliminating bulk & discomfort while velcro heel fastener allows for quick fitting and adjustable support level

  • Rubber Grip Spots enhance touch and control on the ball while improving power and precision in your passing and shooting

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Empowerband Football Ankle Support

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