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Empowerband football support and protection over-boot dynamic support

Recommended By Top Physios & Professional Players

Empowerband Provides Key Benefits Over Traditional Tapes & Braces


Lighter & More Effective Empowerbands Dynamic over-boot design improves your mobility rehabilitation & performance by eliminating the heavy, rigid, bulk and discomfort of traditional tape & braces that slow you down and slow your recovery


​Strengthen Your Ankle To Speed Your Recovery Back To Full Fitness Unlike rigid tape & braces, Empowerbands' dynamic over-boot design works like an elastic spring as you move, building power, strength, and stability back your ankle after injury, speeding your recovery back to full fitness & reducing the risk of re-injury


Increase Support & Protection To Prevent Injury Interlocking your boot and ankle Empowerbands over-boot design increases support & protection to help prevent injury


Boost Your Performance On The Pitch Be lighter faster stronger as you play by eliminating the heavy bulk and discomfort of traditional tapes & braces while Empowerbands elastic spring adds power strength speed back to your ankle as you move


Relieves Pain Swelling Stiffness Medical-grade compression relieves pain, swelling, and stiffness during and after the game


Adjustable Support Level & Quick To Fit Empowerbands Velcro Heel Fastener & over-boot fit allows you to fit & adjust your support level quickly


100% Waterproof 100% Effective Made from silicone Empowerband does not lose support efficiency when wet, unlike traditional tapes & braces. Perfect for on-the-pitch or pool rehabilitation.


Re-Usable Save time and money on taping


Textured surface Increases grip and control of the ball  


Provides Effective Treatment For

  • Ankle sprains/strains, ankle instability, weak ankles, metatarsal/upper foot  protection
  • Chronic pain, swelling, and stiffness
  • Inversion/eversion sprains and damage to lateral/medial ligaments
  • Achilles injuries

Suitable for traditional football boots, TF shoes, (Trainers select one size up for correct fitting) 

Not to be worn with shin guards that incorporate ankle guards

Empowerband Football Ankle Support & Protection - Lighter Faster Stronger

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