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Can Empowerband fit over any boot? 

Yes but we recommend using low cut boots (without ankle sleeve)


Can you fit Empowerband over trainers/ indoor football shoes? 

Yes but wear one size up if they have a wider square sole (Not rounded like football boot)


How do I fit Empowerband correctly? Watch this video 


Can I wear Empowerband in my boot? 

No. it is specifically designed to fit on the outside Interlocking your boot and ankle


Why is it worn an over-your boot? 

Interlocks your ankle and boot to provide more support and protection speeding your reaction to instability while also working like an elastic spring to increase power strength to your movement speeding recovery and boosting performance


Where is the size marking on Empowerband? 

On the section that fits under the boot when being worn (marked by an S, M, L, XL)


How do I clean Empowerband? 

You can rinse by hand or put in the washing machine on a low temperature


How long will Empowerband last? 

Take care of your Empowerband and it will last 4-6 months playing on grass/3g surfaces

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