New Dynamic Ankle Support For Football

David Fevre - Top 5 Benefits of Empowerbands Dynamic Over-Boot Design

  1. Helping improve ankle mobility & proprioception Empowerband's dynamic over-boot design helps transition players from rigid tape/braces back to full fitness

  2. Increase Support Protection Strength Interlocking the boot and ankle in a figure of 8 Empowerbands dynamic over-boot design adds extra support protection & strength to a player's ankle to reduce the risk of re-injury 

  3. Multifunctional Empowerband can be used in multiple ways to aid rehabilitation

    - Gym rehabilitation exercises to improve mobility proprioception
    - Grass rehabilitation exercises return to running turning mobility
    - Pre or post games before or after taping 
    - In-game situations 
    - Pool rehabilitation waterproof maintains support and compression efficiency when submerged


  4. Quick To Fit And Adjustable Empowerband can be fit quickly onto a player quickly during a game or pre/post game when time is limited. Empowerband also features an adjustable strap that allows players to change the support level quickly without you needing to re-strap their ankle.

  5. Re-Usable Cost-Effective Empowerband saves you and your club time and money on tape

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