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Empowerband football ankle support

Dynamic Over-Boot Ankle Support & Protection For Football Rugby Soccer

David Fevre - Top 5 Benefits Of Using Empowerband Over Traditional Tapes & Braces

  1. Helps improve Ankle Mobility, Rehabilitation & Proprioception Helping transition players from rigid tape/braces back to full fitness Empowerbands dynamic over-boot provides an elastic spring to help build power strength and stability back to a player's ankle after injury aiding their rehabilitation and reducing the risk of re-injury

  2. Increase Support & Protection - Traditional tapes and braces lose much of their efficiency in 20 mins and when they become wet Empowerband made from silicone is water resistant, maintains support efficiency and the over-boot design  interlocks the boot and ankle to add an extra layer of support and protection to players

  3. Multifunctional Empowerband can be used in multiple ways to aid rehabilitation

    - Gym rehabilitation exercises to improve mobility proprioception
    - Grass rehabilitation exercises return to running turning mobility
    - Pre or post-games before or after taping 
    - In-game situations quickly on the field of play
    - Pool rehabilitation waterproof maintains support and compression efficiency when submerged


  4. Quick To Fit And Adjustable Empowerbands over-boot design allows you to strap an ankle in 10 seconds on the field of play or when time is limited. Empowerband also features an adjustable strap that allows players to change the support level quickly without you needing to re-strap their ankle.

  5. Save Time & Money Re-usable Empowerband saves you time and money on taping and re-taping ankles, over 6 months Empowerband can save you up to £200 based on strapping an ankle 3 times per week. 

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15 Ankle Mobility & Strengthening Exercises Using Empowerband

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