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Physios - How To Strap An Ankle In 10 Seconds During A Football Match

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

ankle injury football Empowerband
Kevin De-Bruyne receiving treatment to an ankle injury during play

How To Strap An Ankle In 10 Seconds On A Football Pitch

Empowerband dynamic over-boot design is specially designed for Football the unique over-boot design allows you to quickly slip it over any football boot in 10 seconds to apply extra support protection and compression to the ankle immediately.

When Would You Need To Strap An Ankle Injury During A Game?

A player goes down holding their ankle, you run onto the pitch to assess the injury. After assessing the injury, range of movement and speaking to a player they can play on but you want to add extra protection support and compression to the ankle quickly for the remaining of the match to reduce pain swelling and the risk of any further injury to the player.

Physio Testimonial

"I have found Empowerband very useful during the season and an essential for my kit bag, very quick and easy to apply Empowerband can instantly add extra support and protection to an injured player during a game" Stephen Phillips Head Physio Crew Alexandra

4 More Benefits Of Using Empowerband

  1. Helping improve mobility & proprioception Empowerband's dynamic over-boot design helps transition players from rigid tape/braces back to full fitness while helping build power strength back to the ankle

  2. Increase Support & Protection interlocking the boot and ankle in a figure of 8 Empowerbands dynamic over-boot design adds extra support protection strength to a player's ankle to reduce the risk of re-injury

  3. Multifunctional Empowerband can be used in multiple ways to aid rehabilitation - Gym rehabilitation exercises to improve mobility proprioception - Grass rehabilitation exercises return to running turning mobility - Pre or post games before or after taping - In-game situations - Pool rehabilitation waterproof without shrinkage maintains support and compression when submerged

  4. Re-usable cost-effective Empowerband saves you and your club time and money on taping


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