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Chris Brunskill Carlisle Utd Academy Physio

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

We used the Empowerband with a Carlisle United youth team player who had recently suffered an ankle ligament injury and was back on the grass to do his pitch based rehab work. I showed him Empowerband and explained to him the idea behind it, he was happy to try it out and although when he first put it on he said it felt a bit strange and different, within the time it took to walk out to the training pitch he said that he couldn't tell it was on and that it felt comfortable.

He reported back that when doing some straight line running and doing some multi-directional, multi-speed work with and without the football he said that his ankle felt really supported and it felt really good. When comparing it to a normal ankle strapping he said that the Empowerband allowed his ankle to feel more supported and that he didn't have to worry whether his ankle would roll again as the Empowerband was strong.

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