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Ashley Westwood Burnley FC Ankle Fracture - Best Ankle Support For Pool Rehabilitation

Updated: May 31

Ashley Westwood fractured and dislocated his ankle at West Ham in April 2022. Interim boss Mike Jackson provided an update on the Burnley man.

"The midfielder faces an extended period on the sidelines having been stretchered off at the London Stadium after a lengthy on-pitch delay. He required oxygen on the pitch and was taken straight to the hospital. He has since been recovering from home but underwent surgery on his ankle."

Ashley Westwood Burnley FC wearing Empowerband football ankle support
Ashley Westwood Burnley FC Wearing The Empowerband Ankle Brace

How To Increase Support & Protection For Pool Rehabilitation Of An Ankle Fracture

Ashley's Westwood has been using Empowerband during his rehabilitation - an ankle brace specially designed for the rehabilitation of ankle injuries in football. Made from a high-quality A40 silicone Empowerband provides dynamic waterproof bracing that increases support protection & compression but does not lose efficiency when submerged.

The Problems With Traditional Tapes & Braces

Traditional taping is not water-resistant, losing its efficiency when submerged. Fabric and neoprene braces also lose a degree of their support & compression effectiveness when they become saturated in the water. While on holiday or at home in the case of Ashley Westwood a physio is also not on hand to tape the ankle so Empowerband has provided easy-to-fit and adjustable support for Ashley to use in the pool while working on his rehabilitation.

Benefits of Empowerband For Pool Rehabilitation

  • Water resistant brace no over-stretching maintains support efficiency

  • Provides dynamic support for controlled movement aiding rehabilitation

  • Increases support protection & compression to prevent injury

  • Visible aid to others in the pool

  • Velcro strap allows the player to easily apply and adjust the support themselves

  • Comfortable and light-weight


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