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Empowerband - The Best Ankle Support & Protection For American Football

Updated: Jul 26

Lighter faster stronger Empowerband dynamic over-boot design is specially designed for Football and is recommended by top physios and professional players.

Benefits of Empowerband over traditional tapes and braces

1. Lighter more comfortable more effective - Fitting over your football cleat Empowerband dynamic over-boot design improves your mobility eliminating the heavy bulk and discomfort of traditional tapes and braces that slow you down as you move and slow your recovery

2. Increase support protection to prevent injury - Interlocking your cleat and ankle Empowerband increases support and protection to your ankle helping to reduce the risk of injury.

3. Aid your recovery back to full fitness - Working like an elastic spring as you move Empowerband's dynamic over-boot design builds power strength stability back to your ankle after injury, aiding your rehabilitation back to full fitness and reducing the risk of re-injury

4. Boost your performance on the pitch by combining Empowerbands super-lightweight design and elastic spring Empowerband adds power strength speed and agility back to your movement

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