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Hannah Budd Portsmouth F.c Women U19

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Born ; 9/1/2003

Age; 17

Position; Forward

Hannah Budd plays for Portsmouth Women U19 team. A lifelong Pompey fan Hannah has been part of the Portsmouth set up since her trial with them when she was 15.

How did you get into Football?

It all started with me and my Dad going down the local park and having a kick about. When i grew up he got me into playing for my school team. When i got to year 10 i managed to get a trial with Portsmouth and they took me on.

Hannah Budd Aged 15 developing her skills that caught Portsmouth eye.

Who do you look up to in the women's game any particular role model?

It would have to be Bethany England i love how she plays

How do you feel your developing at Portsmouth?

The coaches and staff have all been amazing with me, they give a lot of encouragement and support . I have to improve focusing on the game and just generally making myself big on the pitch, and the coaches are always pushing us to do the best we can.

Whats next? what are your goals?

I'm working towards being involved with the 1st team and gaining more experience, doing everything i can to develop my game and reach the top level.

How do you feel the women's game has developed over the last few years?

The women's game has certainly grown over the last few years and we are being noticed a lot more. I would still like to see improvements in facilities for women it seems men are prioritised so it would be nice to have a level playing field.

Whats the lows you've experienced so far in your career?

Iv had times when i haven't started games and its affected me mentally and you question yourself and your ability and i have been lucky not to suffer any bad injuries.

Whats been the highs so far on your journey?

I would have to say that being able to play for the club i have supported since i was a kid, i love it.

Whats the best game you have been involved in?

Playing against Oxford in a Cup game we were 2-0 down after 50 mins and won 7-2

Who's your best friend on the Portsmouth team ?

Oh that would have to be Mia Addaway

And since the lock down of Football how have you been managing to stay fit?

We were used to training 3 times a week and now i have a home workout i do each night and do a few miles run each morning.

You have tried the Empowerband Football Ankle Support how did you find it?

It was super comfortable and really added strength to my ankle as i moved which really helped me as a striker.

Outside of Football what are you doing?

I'm studying Sports level 3 Btech which i love and is going really well.

Instagram @hannahbudd16

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