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Player Profile - Felicity Jones Middlesbrough Women F.C

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Felicity Jones Middlesbrough Women

Nationality - English

Age - 17

Position - ST

Current Club - Middlesbrough Women

League - Women’s National League north

How did you first get into football?

My older brother played it and I joined in and really enjoyed it. I played a lot of sports but football is definitely my favourite

What other teams have you played for before Middlesbrough?

York City RTC

How old were you when you first injured your ankle?


What type of injury did you suffer from a sprain? Ligament tear?

I tore my ATFL and sprained it

How many times have you injured your ankle since?

I've repeatedly re-injured my ankle

How long were you out for each time?

The first time I did it I was out for a few months and the second time was a couple of weeks

What problems did you find wearing traditional tape/braces?

Very bulky and uncomfortable. Also very confusing to use and didn’t provide my ankle with much support

What did you find better/liked more about wearing Empowerband than traditional tape braces?

Empowerband is very supportive, comfortable and a lot less bulky than traditonal tape and braces.

How would you describe the feeling of wearing an Empowerband compared to traditional tape/braces?

It provides a lot more support and I also felt a lot more confident whilst wearing it. You also don’t notice that you are wearing it unlike the bulky supports.

Future goals what are your aims for the future?

To become the best player I can playing at Middlesbrough




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