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Player Profile - Evie Rabjohn Aston Villa W.F.C

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Evie Rabjohn Aston Villa W.F.C
Evie Rabjohn Of Aston Villa W.F.C Ankle Rehabilitation With Empowerband

Name Evie Rabjohn

Nationality England

Date of birth 28 April 2005

Age 16

Position Defender

Injury Background

In the last year, I have had 3 ankle injuries, partly as a result of growing and maturation but also through playing football at a competitive level. Two of these whilst playing for Aston Villa Vs England WU17’s and WU16’s.

Evidently, there is a slight weakness in my ankle as a consequence of these knocks. With an important playing year ahead with the 2nd Round of the UEFA Euro’s in Poland in March and the increasing likelihood of a transition from the Aston Villa U21 Academy I needed an ankle support to help me recover and protect me from injury

What Are The Benefits Of Empowerband Over Traditional Braces

I wanted to find an ankle that would aid my recovery and increase my ankle stabilisation, I looked at several braces and considered the same support that Andy Murray has been using in Professional Tennis for the last few years. However, upon closer inspection, all the braces I looked at would not give the required level of mobility that I would need in my recovery.

That's when I discovered Empowerband. The great thing that I have found with Empowerband is that I have been able to focus on my recovery, improve my ankle stabilisation whilst being able to move when on the ball without any mobility being restricted. Working in partnership with the Aston Villa Physiotherapist, Ryan, I have been able to follow a full rehab program and get back to playing as quickly as feasible.

What Is Your Goal For The Rest of The Season?

I can now focus on achieving her dream of making the Aston Villa 1st team this season.


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