Hannah Short; London City Lioness, England & Team GB Beach Soccer Player

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

First name: Hannah

Last name: Short

Nationality: England

Date of birth:16 April 1993

Age: 26

Place of birth: Gloucester

How did you get into football?

Playing in the garden with my big brother and sister and then joined my first football team at aged 5. Bromley Heath where I was the only girl. Often heard people shouting ‘mark the girl’ which still to this day makes me laugh to see a girl as such a threat.

What position do you play how did that come about?

I play centre back (holding mid for LCL) but this came about when I first went to Bristol Rovers Academy where a coach Garry Green said that was my best position. He saw me as a solid centre back that could put in a tackle and read the game well. I think the way I played back then and even now I have a lot to thank from playing with boys when I was younger. It made me the player I am today.

Representing GB for beach soccer how did this happen?

I first got into beach soccer 3 years ago through Lucy Quinn (spurs) she used to play and encouraged me to go down for a session at cannon cliffs as she thought I’d be good at it. So I went. And I fell in love with the sport and haven’t looked back since! Representing England at a few euros and qualifying for the AWBG we are heading out to now! It’s been an amazing journey and amazing to see the sport grow and be a part of it!

What's been your highlight for GB beach soccer?

I’ll let you know when I am back with a gold medal hanging around my neck! This is the first time I have represented GB on beach soccer! It’s usually England. But there is something a little bit more special about being part of the GB team/family. It really is an honour!

What's next? Doha tell us more

We head out on the 8th and our tournament starts on the 11th! We have Russia, USA, Paraguay in our group.

Aims for the future for London city lionesses and team GB?

The future is looking very bright in terms of both clubs.

Both new and exciting ventures which I am proud to be a part of. Pushing for promotion with LCL and then pushing for GB beach soccer to become an Olympic sport would be amazing!

Setback and Injuries you have had?

I’ve had a few injuries in my career but luckily nothing fatal. Just the odd ankle or knock to the knee. So I’ve been fortunate in that aspect.

Best moment so far in your football career?

Probably when we qualified for the AWBG in Salou back in May time. It was a tough tournament and one of the best I’ve been involved with. Such incredible team performances were produced and we won the tournament and ultimately qualified for the AWBG!

Favourite player heroes?

Ummmm. My mum is my hero. She’s always been there for me to support me through my career ups and downs. She’s flying out to Doha with my sister to support me which will make it extra special!

Your thoughts on the future of women's game?

I think women's football and sports, in general, are heading in the right direction! So much more coverage and audiences are showing up and the level of performance is also increasing! Women are making a stamp on the world sports stage and I’m confident GB beach soccer women can make our stamp too in Doha!

Best teammate

Ummm. Haha, Difficult one as each has their own individual qualities. But I love Nadine Bazan. She’s hard-working, down to earth and someone I can rely on no matter what on or off the pitch.

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