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How To Protect Your Metatarsals From Injury In Football

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

What are metatarsal and how do injuries occur?

Five bones in the forefoot connect the ankle bones to those of the toes. They are a unit that helps to distribute the body weight, especially when on the move.

Injuries occur because of impact to the foot, a consequence of a twisting injury or overuse. A strong argument for an increase in metatarsal injuries in football are modern football boots

which have a thinner upper and more flexible sole plates in order to offer a lightweight design to players.

How can you protect your metatarsals and foot from injury in football?

The Empowerband football ankle is designed to fit over your boot and adds a protective layer of silicone rubber that supports and covers the midfoot and metatarsals. This protective layer can absorb impacts to the foot while supporting the foot and ankle in sharp turns and twists.

empowerband football ankle support
Protect your foot and ankle from injury in football
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