Interview With Riva Casley Charlton Athletic

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Born: 27 January 1999 (age 20 years)

Height: 1.78 m

How did you get into football?

I got into football by following my elder siblings and my Dads footsteps. My Dad played semi pro when I was young and I wanted to continue his legacy after he passed.

Position you play how did that come about? 

I started off as a striker believe it or not! I then trialed for Oxford at 14/15 and they then helped me improve and progress into a Centre back!

How did you progress from oxford there  to sign for millwall

Oxford really helped with my development as a young player. They gave me so many opportunities that I will forever be grateful for! Making my first team debut at 17 and then going from strength to strength! This then lead to me needing a different challenge as unfortunately Oxford didn't get the license to stay in the Championship, so I decided to join Millwall.

International breakthrough future England prospects?  

Being involved with England in the younger age groups was a huge huge honour and by far one of my best achievements yet as a player. Personally I won't put to much pressure on myself to say I need to be involved but being part of the England team will always be a goal of mine.

What made you move to Charlton

Charlton has always been a club I've heard about, no matter what league they were in, they were always a name that was being mentioned. The club has a lot of history and great values. They take care of their players and have a very clear target for every individual which contributes to the team! I saw this and took the opportunity to join them!

Aims for the future? 

Every player will always have targets and goals that they want to reach, for me, I want to improve every aspect. There are specific goals and targets that I have but they are sacred to me at this moment in time!

Setback and Injuries youv had? 

As everyone will know, I've been plagued with injuries over the years. This has always been a constant fight for me but having the support from family, friends and team mates has really helped!

Best moment so far in your career? 

It's tough to choose just one but for me at this stage in my career, It would have to be, being involved wit England!

Favourite player heroes?  

I've always had two players that I look up too. Steph Houghton and John Terry.

Your thoughts on rise of womens game?  equality bigger audiences 

I think that at the rate the women's game is growing, in years to come it will be big enough that the girls won't have to worry about working a separate job. The involvement in younger age groups is growing hugely. I work in a sports company as a coach and over the past 3/4 years we've seen a huge change in the number of girls that come to our courses. When I first started, we had maybe 1 or 2 girls come, if we were lucky. Now, three years later, easily 65% of the kids on our courses are girls which proves how much the game is growing!

Best team mate 

My best team mate would have to be Jess Frampton. In my first season in the first team at Oxford United Women, she helped me so much to learn and grow not only as a player but as a person too. We became so close and since we both went our separate ways, we've become the best of friends!

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