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Player Profile - Jamie Bradbourn - Basildon Town F.C

Empowerband football ankle support black
"I would 100% recommend Empowerband football ankle support It's so effective and has really helped me" Jamie Bradbourn

Nationality - English

Age - 26

Position – LW/ST

Current Club - Basildon Town

League – Olympian Premier League

How did you first get into football?

I was late to football, joined my local Sunday league team (Asked to by school friends)

at the age of 13 years old before joining Chelmsford City’s academy aged 14.

What other teams have you played for before Basildon Town?

Before playing for Basildon I actually played in Mallorca for Juventud C’an Picafort!

How old were you when you first injured your ankle?

My first memory of an ankle injury that sidelined me for a long period of time was in

Mallorca. I found that playing so frequently on 4G surfaces was really the cause of this.

Empowerband football ankle support black
Jamie Bradbourn in action wearing the Empowerband Football Ankle support

What type of injury did you suffer from a sprain? Ligament tear?

I believe the injury that is recurring is a medial ankle sprain.

How many times have you injured your ankle since?

3 times in the last 4 seasons. Nearly always during Preseason.

How long were you out for each time? 

Varied. Sometimes 2/3 weeks sometimes a month. Really depended on how good my

Rehab was. 

What problems did you find wearing traditional tape/braces?

Heavy bulky and uncomfortable I found them to constricting which then led to other issues e.g lack of blood flow to the feet.

What did you find better/liked more about wearing Empowerband than traditional tape


I really like the concept of the band actually being attached to the boot rather than inside

as this definitely keeps my foot/ankle from moving too freely and is more comfortable. It adds more security to my planting foot whilst kicking with my other foot.

How would you describe the feeling of wearing an Empowerband compared to traditional


Super lightweight and comfortable with Empowerband you could easily forget you even have it on. With the added grip on the sides, Id even dare to say it has improved my touch and my shooting.

How Has Empowerband helped you when playing?

I feel I don't have to hold back when playing, without Empowerband id still be weary and pull out of challenges thinking id injure myself again and id also avoid kicking with my weaker foot.

Would you recommend Empowerband to other players?

Yes, definitely 100% iv never seen anything like it. It's so effective and has really helped me.

Goals/aim for this  season ahead with Basildon Town

Just to play consistently without having the worry that I might get injured – it's a very

promising season this year with Basildon as we aim to secure the league so I would like to

be there to help us

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