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Player Profile - Julie Karn - ASA Tel-Aviv Israel

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Jile Karn womens footballer for ASA Tel-Aviv
Jile Karn ASA Tel-Aviv in action

Nationality - Canadian

Age - 25 ( Born 26 January 1996)

Position - Fullback/Winger

Current Club - ASA Tel Aviv - The club won 8 Ligat Nashim titles and 5 Israeli Women's Cup finals, and had participated in the UEFA Women's Champions League

How did you first get into football?

I have honestly been playing since before I can even remember. My dad was a footballer, so my passion for the beautiful game has always been in my family.

Who has been your role model growing up and in the game?

I've had many incredible role models throughout my life. My sister was always one of my biggest role models both on and off the field for her hard work and dedication. There are many professional players that I have looked up to over the years as well, Phillip Lahm, Neymar, Iniesta, Kimmich, etc. I feel you can learn something from every single player, so even teammates along the way have acted as role models for me.

What was your breakthrough moment?

My breakthrough moment was probably when I was 17 and first played semi-pro in Canada. It was one of my first managers who really believed in me, which helped me believe in myself and play to my full potential!

What teams have you played for in your career so far?

ASA Tel Aviv - Ligat al Women (Israel)

FF USV Jena - 1. Bundesliga (Germany)

KW United FC - W League (Canada)

How did you end up playing in Germany and then Israel?

After having the opportunity to train in England and Germany over my summer breaks in University, I developed relationships with several coaches, one of which gave me my first opportunity to play pro in Germany. I was also scouted by an agent during my time in Germany which eventually lead to my professional contract in Israel.

What has been your career highlight so far?

My most recent career highlight was scoring in my very first game with ASA Tel Aviv in Israel.

What injuries have you suffered so far in your career? And how did you find and cope with the rehabilitation?

Unfortunately, I have suffered many injuries in my career all of which had ranging recovery times. I have always had a very strong support system at home with my family, friends, chiropractors and sports docs that have helped me cope with my rehabilitation process. Though it's always hard to be injured and unable to play, my motivation to come back stronger/better than ever always helped me stay focused on my recovery process. I do recommend the Empowerband football ankle support it is so much lighter and more effective than traditional tape and braces

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future include returning to a European league, playing in a Champions League match, and I hope to one day play for my country!

How do you feel the women’s game has changed over the last 5 years?

I think the women's game has gained a lot of momentum in the last 5 years, with more people recognizing the talent and potential in women's football. It's still not where it should be, but it has been nice to see some women's teams receiving more support!

What changes would you like to see made to improve the future of the women’s game?

More equality in ALL aspects! Funding, publicity, marketing, etc. Especially in Canada, I think we also need to work on improving the foundations of developmental football in order to provide all children with the opportunity to participate, learn, and fall in love with the sport. Having more opportunities to pursue professional sport as a woman (and be able to make a living) is also critical to empowering female athletes and improving the women's game.

What advice do you have for aspiring footballers?

As cheesy as it may sound, never give up! You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and overcome any obstacles, as long as you're willing to work hard enough and make the sacrifices needed to reach your goals. Don't let the opinions of others stop you from trying. YOU GOT THIS!


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