Ankle Support For Football - Buyers Guide 2021

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

What is the best ankle support for Football? We have put together a simple comparison chart for you to see which ankle support is best for Football. Football is a demanding game on your ankles the quick turns and high forces can easily lead to an ankle injury.

There are 4 types of ankle support for Football

  1. Tape

  2. Braces

  3. Compression sleeves

  4. Empowerband

And there are 5 key elements to compare

  1. Support level how much support do they give to prevent rollover and re-injury

  2. Rehabilitation how well do they strengthen your ankle to help prevent re-injury

  3. Performance how well do they allow you to move and perform on the pitch

  4. Comfort how much bulk do they add to your foot

  5. Re-usable cost-effective

7 types of ankle injuries for Footballers

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