Lighter faster stronger Empowerband provides high-performance football ankle support.


Football ankle support engineered to speed your recovery and boost your performance after injury. The revolutionary over-boot design works as an elastic spring as you move, increasing power strength support back to your ankle as you play.

Football ankle support protects against injury the over-boot design increases support and protection to prevent injury.

Football ankle support aids rehabilitation re-building power strength stability back to your ankle after injury.

Football ankle support boosts performance and reduces ankle fatigue the elastic spring boosts power strength speed as you move.

Football ankle support is super lightweight the overboot fit eliminates the bulk and discomfort that traditional support that slows you down.​

Football ankle support provides high compression relieves pain swelling stiffness during and after playing aiding rehabilitation between games.​

Football ankle support provides all-weather control textured surface enhances grip & control of the ball.

David Fevre physio Manchester Utd

"the Empowerband football ankle support improves the rehabilitation process & provides a more effective alternative to taping" 

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