What Is The Best Ankle Support For Football?

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Football is a demanding game, the high forces and quick changes of direction put stress on all areas of the body particularly ankles which leads to it being the most common of injuries in football. Modern boots have also become paper thin for performance purposes and offer less protection to players and which have led to high profile injuries.

As a footballer who has suffered injury you want to get back playing as fast as possible, you want peace of mind that your ankle is protected reducing the risk of re-injury and you want to regain your performance level that was lost. Empowerband has been developed over 4 years in conjunction with Northumbria, Teeside Universities and Footballs top Physiotherapists. Specifically engineered for Football to improve the rehabilitation process of ankle injuries, reducing the risk of injury, speeding recovery & improving performance

Harry Kane suffering ankle injury in 2019

The problems; whats wrong with other supports, braces and taping 

There are an abundance of ankle supports braces and tape available on the market but how many are created specifically for football? Any player who has worn any of these other supports, strapping or tape under there sock will know they are uncomfortable and bulky, as a player you want to be light, fast and agile and not be weighed down by a clunky ankle support. Taping requires a physio to fit correctly which not every player has access to especially at grass roots level. Taping which many players don't know loses 80% of its support efficiency within 20 minutes so becomes ineffective very quickly.

All supports and braces are designed to various degrees to limit range of motion of the ankle to prevent overstretching and rolling of the ankle. Tape and lace braces are designed to limit range of ankle motion the most, but then prevent the active use of the ankle ligaments and tendons which slows rehabilitation, weakening your ankle in time and leads to a dependency on support. This also in football puts you at a disadvantage as you need a natural range of motion to control the ball so it can have an impact on your performance. Your neoprene and compression ankle sleeves provide proprioception qualities but wont limit range of motion at all and leave players open to re-injury.

The solution; A revolutionary interlocking design

The Empowerband Football ankle support has a revolutionary over boot design that eliminates the bulk and discomfort of tape and strappings that distracts you from playing, the feeling of being lighter faster and more agile as you move is a huge advantage in football both physically and mentally. The interlocking design combined with its material properties maintains 100% support efficiency and interconnects your boot and ankle which increases proprioception levels and speeds reaction to instability reducing risk of ankle roll. The interlocking design also provides controlled movement of the ankle joint a balance between locked support and compression supports to maximise stability and prevent injury while allowing movement to promote stimulus to ligaments and tendons to re-strengthen them as you move.

Reflex Technology speeds recovery and boosts performance

The biggest advantage the Empowerband Football ankle support has that no other support can give is the elastic spring that it provides as you move, a clever combination of design and materials provide the right tensile strength to mimic your ankle ligaments and tendons as you move which are themselves like elastic bands. When you injure your ankle these ligaments can be overstretched or tear and when repair the elasticity is lost and takes time to re-build. The Empowerband Football ankle support brings this elasticity, strength and power back to your ankle as you move to boost performance, speed of movement, re-gaining stability and confidence as you move. It also helps reduces ankle fatigue as you play which help reduce risk of re-injury as studies have shown you become more susceptible to injury when fatigued. This also relieves pain and reduces swelling and stiffness during and after exercise. Reflex technology actively promotes the use of your ankle ligaments and tendons as you move to help re-build strength to them and transition to a full recovery and a non-dependency on support.

Research and design how do we know it works? Testing & Feedback

Over 4 years of development trials and testing have gone into creating the Empowerband Football ankle support 500 shape and combinations of silicone, urethane and fabrics have been tested to create the right tensile strength to the ankle ankle and maximise the effectiveness of Empowerband.


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