Reflex Technology; Revolutionary Over-boot Football Ankle Support

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Reflex Technology

Empowerbands Revolutionary design creates an anchor point on the ankle with a velcro heel fastening while interconnecting (interlocking) the sole and midfoot of your boot creating a tensioned spring when the ankle moves. This tension is enhanced in the areas of the ankle ligaments and tendons to mimic and support their actions. This is only possible due to the combination of the overboot interlocking design, nylon support frame that encompasses a two-way stretch and the silicone rubber that provides the elasticity. The video below shows the tension and spring effect that increases power, strength, stability & speed as you move

Why Do You Need It?

During an ankle sprain, your ligaments and tendons are stretched and in serious cases torn. Your ligaments and tendons work like elastic bands to give your ankle strength and stability when they become stretched they weaken your ankle and you lose that strength and stability. You also lose proprioception (the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself) and lose reaction time to instability leading to an increased chance of injury re-occurring and a loss of performance - slower to react and less power strength and speed to your movement.

The Benefits Reflex Technology Provides

Prevents Further Injury - Interlocks your boot and ankle increasing support & protection to prevent injury to your ankle 

   Speeds Your Recovery - Mimics & supports your ligaments and tendons rebuilding strength & stability back to your ankle  

Boosts Your Performance - Works as an elastic spring as you move increasing power strength speed to your movement 

Relieves Pain Swelling Stiffness - Medical Grade Compression aids recovery time during and between games

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